A Whole Week of Awesome

We decided this week is awesome.

Today DJ  B-side spins while we anticipate the tapping of the Bells Batch 10,000. We have one of 4 kegs that were available in Chicagoland. mmmm.

On Tuesday, Dec 14 we will be doing Tasting Tuesdays with a whole slew of Holiday beers from our extensive beer menu. Wondering what Winterbraun tastes like? Or is Rogue’s Santa’s Special Reserve that yummy? Try some for free.

On Wednesday we continue with our already awesome weekly Global Soul Night  featuring DJ Warp.  Have some cocktail specials while listening to some of the best music you will ever hear.

On Thursday The Wendy Carlos meets Dr Who inspired genius of  Michael Perkins ( of Mr 666)  will commence with his new monthly Sci Fi Music series..

Then on Friday please enjoy a rare live performance by the original band ROME (Chicago) w/ Coldman Walker, Rik Shaw & LeDeuce along with DJ sets by band members.

And finally on Saturday, Dec.  18 we present another amazing great DJ night  with Eclectic Ladyland brought to us by the ambassador of funky music,  Joe Bryl..

Stop by any night for a guaranteed awesomeness. All the awesome programming is free. as usual.


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