LSD Soundsystem Tonight

Friday December 10: 8pm -2am – Free No Cover
960 W. 31st St., Chicago, Il. 60608, 773-890-0588

In tribute to the enduring legacy of psychedelic music, Maria’s Package Goods & Community Bar would like to take you on an aural-altering and mind-expanding audial exploration into the far reaches of recorded sounds. Titled LSD (aka Luminescent Sound Dimension) SOUNDSYSTEM, the evening hosted by DJ Dr. Mixx (aka Joe Bryl) will showcase the various permutations of psychedelic music, known and unknown. Besides covering the most recognizable stylistic purveyors of the genre (e.g., 13th Floor Elevators, Pink Floyd, Jefferson Airplane) LSD SOUNDSYSTEM will take you into unexplored and hidden facets that will alter your perceptions and broaden your understanding of the movement.

From its earliest developments in the sixties counterculture, psychedelic music morphed, recast and refashioned itself organically into music styles as diverse as progressive rock, experimental, electronic, spiritual jazz, dub, freakbeat and Krautrock. And although both the US and the UK were major centers of the scene, developments occurred worldwide broadening its scope and altering its sound. These changes continued to mutate over time and space with each geographical region giving its own take of the form. Artists as diverse as Group 1850 (Netherlands), Blo (Nigeria), Erkin Koray (Turkey), Faust (Germany) and Os Mutantes (Brazil) were just the tip of the iceberg in the expansion of psychedelia. Later groupings ranging from the Soft Boys, Spaceman 3, Spiritualized, Bevis Frond and the Flaming Lips were influenced greatly by the paisley underground.

So get prepared to lose your inhibitions and open up your mind and ears for this audial assault of droning feedback, modal melodies and looping surreal-studio effects. To enhance your experience Maria’s will be featuring a strange brew of cocktail concoctions that will stimulate your taste buds and blow your mind.

Doors open up at 8pm, with closing time at the gates of dawn (2am). The is no cover for LSD SOUNDSYSTEM. For further information please contact Joe Bryl at 312.493.5807 or at Be there, or be square!

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