Metromix post today

A slashie with a cocktail menu? Yes, you’ve got that right. Longtime Bridgeport liquor store/bar combo Kaplan’s has a new name, a cleaned-up look and pumped-up drink offerings. The place has been open since 1937 but the Marszewski family took ownership in 1986; brothers Mike and Ed (Co-Prosperity Sphere) tend bar in back while you’ll find their mother Maria up front running the liquor store. The collection of ventriloquist dummies has been replaced by an impressive run of antique beer cans in the restrooms. Old-timer regulars mix with younger neighborhood locals drawn in by craft brews — think Three Floyds Pride & Joy, Stone Arrogant Bastard and Allagash White. Bridgeport-inspired drinks include the Hardscrabble sazerac and the Bubbly Creek, a mix of Old Grand Dad 100 and ginger beer in a bloody orange bitters-rinsed glass garnished with a green maraschino cherry.


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